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Does The...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

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Does the titanic iceberg still exsist
Does the education system kill creativity
Does the ignition module control the injectors
Does the zpack make you tired
Does the snapchat upgrade cost money
Does the ss anne leave
Does the front differential turn in 2wd
Does the ny times crossword
Does the hpv vaccine cure hpv
Does the count in alphabetical order mla
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Does the aztecs still exist October 22nd 2016 03:27
well maybe
well, maybe because on the Mexican flag, the centre image is the Aztec symbol.
Does the onion grace my presence September 29th 2016 18:34
Does the xylem have a nucleus September 13th 2016 19:40
does it
have a nucleus
Does the amplitude affect the speed of a wave August 19th 2016 21:39
WTH. Do you even Physics. Nah JK. I once had this problem too. The speed of a wave is usually only affected by the medium through it passes, regardless of medium the important determinants of wave speed are the wavelength and frequency or wavelength and period. wave speed = wavelength x frequency or wavespeed = wavelength / period.
Does the jewish religion believe in hell August 19th 2016 21:14
No, not really.
Short answer, the Jews believe that when you die you go to a sort of neutral ground, very often describe as a sort of 'dark' place Sheol. Everyone goes there. The Torah makes no definite descriptions of the afterlife as there is in Christianity of punishment or reward for actions in life. Jews however make inferences based on the Torah. For example, if the word of God suggests following certain rules in life then there must be some purpose, through the assumption that God would be pleased by some people's actions and displeased by others and his tendency to punish living persons for wrong doing and 'rewarding' others for adherence to the rules, then the same should be in the afterlife. Also there is the idea that since God is 'all good' then by nature good persons who suffer i this life must be given pleasure in the next and hence and afterlife is required or God's 'goodness' is brought into question. Thirdly there is the matters of certain persons who interracted with God elsewhere.
Does the dog die August 19th 2016 20:47
Yes it does.
As will we all, every person that you have ever known and ever person you will ever know, every pet you have, every animal in the forest and every creature in the sea. Sure there are some creatures with special ways to live forever when undisturbed for example the Turritopsis dohrnii. Cancer cells can also life forever. But these will soon be destroyed when the Earth dies, or the Sun dies , or the Universe dies. See what I'm saying, it all means nothing. No matter how great humanity gets or great you personally become it will be all gone and there will be no one to know that anything ever existed.
Does the pancreas produce bile August 19th 2016 20:39
Bile is produced by the liver and is used to emulsify lipids so that a greater surface area is available for the lipids to be broken down by enzymes and acids. The pancreas however, produces hormones like glucagon, somatostatin and insulin which regulate certain body systems. Enzyme containing Pancreatic juices are also produced which aid in digestion of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
Does the sun rotate August 19th 2016 20:18
Yes it does.
On thing that shows that it rotates is observation of the Sunspots (relatively dark, cool temporary areas on the Sun caused by electromagnetic phenomena, a 'magnetic flux'). At the Sun's equator the time taken for a Sunspot to complete one revolution or orbital period is approximately 25 days, however the sun, due to the fluid properties of its plasma has a different orbital period as you move towards its poles increasing up to around 35 days.
Does the zaaz machine really work August 16th 2016 22:24
I am considering this very expensive machine and wondered what others have discovered....before I buy.
Does the tea bag go in the cup July 26th 2016 21:45
I am Siri
Does the world revolve around me July 26th 2016 21:44
Fuck yourself
Does the tlc tugger really work June 27th 2016 01:09
Does the tlc tugger really work
Does the tlc tugger really work
Reputation: 1
Does the mail run on memorial day May 30th 2016 23:51
Does the U.S. Mail run on Memorial Day
Does the voice use autotune May 29th 2016 22:55
It is likely
likelyI cannot be sure, but my ears certainly detect autotune. Although it's unfair for me to judge voices, when listening from an LG tv with clearvoice set to maximum. That really exaggerates treble and midrange.
Does the snowy owl live in the tundra May 8th 2016 23:04
Does the snowy owl live in the tundra?
I need to know as soon as possible if the snowy owl lives in the tundra! :)
Does the kkk still exist today April 26th 2016 13:26
does the kkk still exist today ?
Does the ddp program drug test March 8th 2016 16:15
what screen is given at a ddp
can anyone help?
Does the internet know everything February 29th 2016 10:43
Does the circulatory system transport hormones February 24th 2016 13:41
Does the oxidizing agent get reduced February 22nd 2016 20:52
Does the size of a parachute matter February 22nd 2016 17:50
parachute does size matter
does the size of the parachute matter
Does the uber fare include tip February 19th 2016 18:46
Does fare include tip?
Does the tv use a lot of electricity February 12th 2016 20:24
please acknowledge
Does the small intestine come first January 27th 2016 01:05
Does the sentence make sense January 18th 2016 17:25
Does the aspca really help animals January 10th 2016 17:17
cold dogs
I got a problem with a dogs owner where I live so they leave their dogs sitting cold air outside so they need our help they live 127 sparkleberry lane if you see don't walk dog here you don't miss it if they who said don't ask.
Does the fitbit flex tell time January 6th 2016 12:42
Does the irs call you November 20th 2015 14:15
I received a call message
The call stated it was from the IRS and they were auditing me. Listing was for a KR I STI Taylor the phone number 713-922-6479. the message stated you are being audited by the IRS.
Does the kentucky derby sell out November 16th 2015 19:39
otaining tickets
I want to get tickets that are not resales. By when do I need to buy them to avoid a sellout?
Does the executive branch enforce laws November 3rd 2015 02:28
Does the joker love harley quinn November 3rd 2015 01:28
I believe so...
The Joker and Harley have a very destructive and hazardous relationship, that's a given, and yes, he has tried to kill her on some occasions, but I do believe he cared for her deep down. An example: He has worked with other villains before(Penguin and Two-face, etc.) and none of them stuck around for long because he can't stand being in an order or conforming to a simple, precise plan. He wants chaos. Yet, Harley is still here, helps him with almost everything. I think his Psychopathy is a major contributor to why he treats her the way he does, but I think some of that is also because he doesn't want to love her, though he kind of does. The hurt is meant to belittle and wound her, push her away. So yes, I do believe, on some weird level, that the Joker loves Harley. He, at least, trusts, her.
Does the fdic still exist today October 30th 2015 18:56
fdic still exist?
Does the mva accept credit cards October 27th 2015 15:54
does the mva accept payment with credit card for a replacement drivers license
Does the yes hair remover work October 25th 2015 04:08
Burned me
It left burn marks on me
Does the black moon howl October 22nd 2015 03:42
when the red queen dreams
Does the ndp support abortion October 15th 2015 14:53
if they support abortion im certainly not voting for him
Does the mysterious island exist October 6th 2015 14:46
Does the naked man work September 23rd 2015 03:47
Yes, yes it does
Does the snow leopard migrate September 15th 2015 22:37
does it
Does the oss still exist September 13th 2015 21:12
Esmeralda moran
I wish I was in the OSS to help I Believe An and 0SS in the oss.
Does the skinny pill work August 23rd 2015 13:54
Does the patch really work August 18th 2015 15:45
Three month supply
Save your money,the patch didnot work for me and I took it faithfully for three months.
Does the mail get delivered on saturday August 15th 2015 15:31
mail delivery
Is the mail delivered on Saturday
Does the evil queen know who emma is August 13th 2015 16:00
She Knew...
Regina new that Emma was the savior the moment that the town clock started to move when Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke. This was just another reason for Regina to want Emma out of Storybrooke.
Does the dx deliver on saturday August 8th 2015 12:38
is my package deliverd today
my parcel is parcel 2 go, my p2g number is p2g30897685
Does the runtastic app use data July 29th 2015 01:28
Does the app use my data when I use
Does the clumsy ninja find kira July 19th 2015 19:09
the hunt 4 kira
Well? Does he or not I'm only lvl 51, I don't know yet
Does the sinclair method really work July 19th 2015 01:04
How long has it taken others?
I'm coming up on 3 months on the 23rd of July since I started the Sinclair Method. I have been 100 percent compliant since the beginning and typically drink twice a week (I was a weekend binge drinker and would binge for 2-3 days. I have had about 3 binges since, although none have lasted more than one day. Last night I got pretty drunk and blacked out and was even a bit out of control and that worries me. Have others experienced this? Mostly, I don't like the taste of wine anymore...or other alcohol since starting the Sinclair Method - it tastes "off" so I really have to push hard to drink past the point of the taste mattering. Any feedback would be helpful.
Does the illuminati make you rich July 6th 2015 17:41
Ineed to knw if am gon be rick if join llinimaate
Does the aero pilates machine work July 6th 2015 14:44
Areo Palates
Does the Aero Pilates machine really work?